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TSI’s VELOCICALC Plus Multi-Parameter Meters simultaneously measure and data log several vent-ilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors.
Based on the model, these hand-held instruments measure velocity, temperature, differential pressure and humidity.
All versions calculate volumetric flowrate.
The Model 8386 also performs dew point, wet bulb temperature and heat flow calculations.

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TSI Velocicalc Plus Ventilation Meter

The Velocicalc Plus Multi-Parameter Ventilation Meter is a data logging device that can measure velocity, temperature, humidity and differential pressure. The data logging ability of the device will allow the user to log up to 1394 samples with a time and date stamp and each model can simultaneously record all parameters. The Model 8386 will also perform heat flow calculations, wet bulb temperature and dew point. The device uses a single probe that has multiple sensors to measure ventilation parameters.
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