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Superior VOC Detection by Flame Ionization 
Detects up to 50,000 PPM VOCs, including methane, in fugitive emissions or environmental applications. At just 8.1 lb, the MicroFID is the smallest and lightest data logging Flame Ionization Detector (FID) available

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Mirco FID

With the ability to detect methane and up to 50,000 PPM VOC's in fugitive emissions or environmental applications the Micro FID is a superior detection device. The Flame Ionization detection device weighs just over eight pounds and is in a self-contained single hand-held package, so both moving and operating the device has been greatly simplified. It includes a built-in handle and a rubberized keypad that can be easily used while wearing protective equipment. The devices flame ionization detector is almost completely immune to possible interferences such as water vapor and responds to almost all VOC's.
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